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Introduction of Blue Energy

Blue Energy has mounted its products with the vehicle at a total of 830,000 units until 2017, it has supplied 42 millions or more cells, if it is converted to the cell quantity to the field. In the field of lithium-ion battery for HEV, Blue Energy is one of the world top and the most advanced manufacturers in terms of full scale production as well as vehicle mounted quantity.

Blue Energy will continue to keep its basic concept which focuses on safety and durability. Based on the advantage of its actual result and reflection from the field, it will continue production development securely and commit to the clean energy society building.

Appearance of EHW5/EHW5B cell module

image:Appearance of EHW5 cell module
image:Appearance of EHW5B cell module

Feature of EHW5/EHW5B cell

The battery is 17% lighter and 7% smaller than conventional products but offer equivalent or more capacity and output performance as well as durability/safety performance.

  • Excellent output performance in the wide range of temperature.
  • Long durable performance with 50,000cycle or more and 10 years or more.
  • Voltage characteristic which can detect condition with ease from initial phase till the end of durability test.
  • Environmentally resistant performance and resistant safety which is suitable for mounting to the vehicle.

EHW5/EHW5B cell specification

graph:EHW5/EHW5B cell specification1
graph:EHW5/EHW5B cell specification2

EHW5/EHW5B cell 10 sec. assist (discharge)/regenerative (charging) output performance (compared with conventional EH5 cells at -10 degrees celsius and 25 degrees celsius)

  • Regenerative upper limit voltage: 4.3 V/Assist lower limit voltage: 2.4 V
  • Maximum current:200A

EHW5/EHW5B cell cycle durability performance

graph:EHW5/EHW5B cell cycle durability performance1
graph:EHW5/EHW5B cell cycle durability performance2

EHW5/EHW5B cell capacity during charge and discharge cycle, and output performance retention rate

  • Charge/discharge current: Regenerative (charging) 40 A/assist (discharging) 40 A no pause
  • SOC Range:10-85%
  • Cycle times:50,000
  • Temperature:55°C

Blue Energy lithium-ion battery mounted vehicle model type